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Problems with Wireless UART based on Beestack [MC13213]

Discussion created by chung chen on Mar 25, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2008 by Janell Armstrong
I need the transmit 12 byte from end device to coordinator every 2 or 10 seconds  in my application, so I generated and modified the Wireless UART Code from Beekit based on Beestack.
The network was established by 1 coordinator and 5 end device. I changed the CharMode and ReliableMode to FALSE in this application.  
At the very start, it is working normally. Working after a period of time(maybe  one day or two days), it will be leave the network.The device situation like that:
Problem end device :  Leave the network , but the transmit timer still work(transmit data will toggle the LED). 
Coordinator : Can not receive data from problem end device.
I knew the problem end device leave the network because it will transmit normally when I press SW1 in configure mode( joining the used network when enabled Non-Volatile Memory ).
My queastion is:
1. What the parameter need to be set carefully in this application?
2. Why the end device leave the network after a period of time, and maybe someone can tell me how to make sure the wireless UART transmit normally at all times.
3. If the Wireless UART not fit to this application, maybe someone can give me suggestion ?