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How to make USBSPYDER08 work with mc9rs08ka8 & mc9rs08ka4

Discussion created by Peter Koblauch on Mar 24, 2008
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Disclaimer: all info here is something I discovered by trial & error, and
   I do not think it would be supported by Freescale and/or Softec.
   Proceed at own risk.

I though it might be of interest to some of the readers of this forum
to know how to make the USBSPYDER08 programmer/ICD
work with the new ka8/ka4 parts.

Short answer is:
Have latest version of CodeWarrior  Special Edition + KA8/4 patches   (Feb/2008)
In CW create you project (target should be KA8/4 of course)
2) A dialog comes up, select "SofTec" or was it "USBSPYDER08"
   then also select "KA1" or "KA2" as device (there is no "KA4" or "KA8")
3) Select "OK" or "Load   (load will "fail" .. see below)
 edit the "SofTec_RS08.ini" file (it's in the project directory somewhere)
 change "DeviceName = " line to reflect your target (only tested KA8 but KA4 should work too)
3) finito

Long explanation:

The problem seems to be that the USBSPYDER08 only knows
about KA1/KA2 devices and when you try to load onto a KA8
target device, it throws up a dialog box
something like "Target device does not match .. ... whatever"
and also "Communication problem ... bla bla"
At this point you can tell it to "Ignore" and it then goes ahead
but then claims that it cannot write to location 0x2000
or communication error.
and that's the end.

Being brand new to USBSPYDER8 and freescale MCUs
this msg did not make a lot of sense to me, but having spent some
time reading datasheets for both KA2 & KA8 devices in
particular their memory maps you realize that the start address
of their code segments are different. The KA2 starts at 0x3800
and KA8 at ... you guessed it!   ... 0x2000.   This seems kind of
nasty, doesn't it? As if the USBSPYDER loader knows about
devices and their internals. "Bad design", you think, or perhaps
"they must have been desperate".  .. Ok, back on track.

Having tried different work-arounds, where most of them did not have
a "positive" effect, (some of them worked .. kinda) I happened to try
  the work-around described above in desperation, not really believing
  in n it. But surprise surprise. Seems to work great.


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