HC705K1 Replacement Recomendation

Discussion created by Rodo55 on Mar 23, 2008
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Hello Everyone,

I’ve been in electronics for a while but I haven’t had the opportunity to work with MCU’S. I have a friend that had a device made for him several years ago with a HC705K1 controller and he has asked me if I would fix/update it. Since HC705’s are not supported very well and they’re getting harder to come by and he wants to add new features I thought an updated MCU would be warranted. I have an associate that has worked with the HC908QY4 and he recommends using it. What I have found is the HC908’s are also coming to their end of life so I hesitate using it. The MCU that looks like it might be good for the application is the MC9S08QG4/8. I can use the A/D converters, internal oscillator, easy programming, etc… to simplify the circuitry.


I’d like to ask users for their advice on a couple of things:


Is the HC908QY2/4 outdated and if so what would be a more up to date replacement for the HC705K1 or HC908QY2/4. Would the MC9S08QG4/8 be a good choice?


Based on a recommended replacement what should I get to write and test code for the application. Or what would be a good development package? It looks like the DEMO9S08QG8E would be a good choice if the MC9S08 was an up to date replacement. It doesn’t look like the DEMO9S08QGE ($50 Digi-Key) comes with software so I think CodeWarrior would be an option?


I know most of you probably hate newbie’s since we can ask stupid questions but I have searched the forums and I don’t see where a newbie like me can get information on replacements for older MCU’s. Also I didn’t find recommendations on specific equipment to get started with a particular MCU. Once the selection is made I think I’ll be OK.


Maybe I didn’t find the getting started forum, is there one? If these questions have been answered elsewhere please point me to the right forum and I’ll check it out.


Any advice is welcome even if it’s hey look over there.


Thanks, Rodo