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Setting up a Free tool chain for HC908 on Mac OS X: SDCC,Eclipse,make and a Free bootloader

Discussion created by Kustaa Nyholm on Mar 21, 2008
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sorry to 'advertise' here but I've written a page or two to help beginners in microcontrollers (MC68HC908JB8) to get started.

It is about consrtructing a minimal hardware setup and setting a Free tool chain at under 15 USD in a couple of hours.
(I'm not selling anything, the price is the price of the parts from wherever you want to get them)

The tool chain uses SDCC, Eclipse, make and my free bootloader, bl08, and I've set it up on Mac OS X 10.4.11 but
should be trivial to set up in Linux, and should not be too bad on Windows if one uses Cygwin or MinGW to compile
the bootloader.

To read the story, goto my website at:


and select 'Fun with HC08' from the navigation on the left.

To read about the bootloader select 'bl08'.

There is also something that might be of interest to SDCC user and embedded programmers on page 'PrintfII'.

br Kusti