David Poinsett

9S08JM Pullup with External TPMCLK

Discussion created by David Poinsett on Mar 20, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2008 by Jim Donelson
I am using the IRQ/TPMCLK pin for an external clock input to TPM2 (TPM2SC = 0x18). It appears this combination disables the internal pullup but I cannot find confirmation in the documentation. I have tried setting IRQSC_IRQPE=1 but it has no effect.

I can add an external pullup (this is a prototype) but I'd like to be sure I'm not missing something. Can anyone confirm this behavior or suggest how to enable the internal pullup with this configuration? Thanks.


The external clock source comes though a blocking diode. That's why I need the pullup.