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LS1020A DDR controller Test

Question asked by Jason Hendrix on Jun 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2016 by Adrian Stoica

How can I test my DDR using the built-in DDR test in the LS1020A DDR controller?



I'm trying to run the "automatic memory test" on my DDR by setting up the DDR Ctrl registers.  My first attempt was to set DDR_MTCR[MT_EN] = 1, all other fields in DDR_MTCR were 0.  To my understanding, this should write to all of DDR as specified by CS0_BNDS = 0x008000FF, then read it back.  The test fails immediately, but nothing has been written (and definitely not the entire space).  Why is it failing before even writing?

I also tried setting the test address range, with the same results: (DDR_MTCR[MT_ADDR_EN] = 1, DDR_MT_ST_ADDR  = 0x80000000 and DDR_MT_ENDADDR = 0x81000000.

I did clear the status bit before running each time.