Carl Norman

USB HCS08/HCS12/CFV1 Multilink (Rev C or Later) - What about Rev A?

Discussion created by Carl Norman on Mar 20, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2008 by Tom Thompson
Hope this isnt to obvious that I have over looked somthing....

My Cylone pro has been sent back with a fault, so I have been leant a Rev A Multilink USB programmer from my supplier.

I have downloaded the latest drivers from PE Micro, I have searched the FAQ, here and google and cannot work out how to get Rev A working on codewarrior 5.9.0. The only option is Rev C in the connections manager. The "Port:" never has the device in the list, just says "Undetected. Disconnect........", but, device manager has it clearly listed, and the driver is 'current'. I have used a Rev C many times without any issues.

Thanks in advanced