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Trouble with create new project in SDK1.3 with Processor expert

Discussion created by Oleg Lavrukhin on Jun 14, 2016
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Hello, community!

I have a trouble with create new project in Kinetis Design Studio 3. I build a SDK1.3 in Kinetis expert for my FRDM-K64f board, unpack it and make a Eclipse update in KDS. Installed Processor Expert for Kinetis 3.0.2. I build ksdk_platform_lib and ksdk_ hal_lib. then i create new project with a wizard:

1) select "Kinetis SDK 1.x or Processor expert Project"

2) input project name

3) select device. I try to make a different projects for "board" and "Processor"

4) I select a Kinetis SDK (SDK1.3 for FRDM-K64F and check SDK path; i choose "Processor expert"; I try to make a different projects for "linked" and "standalone"; create a project.

5) then i added a processor expert component, for example, I2C (fsl_I2C from KSDK1.3.0 repositories.

6) generate a processor expert code and build project and...

7) my project not work. when I look into driver's source file ( /SDK/platform/drivers/src/i2c/fsl_i2c_master_driver.c) i see, what all the driver functions is not active, because "FSL_FEATURE_SOC_I2C_COUNT" is "false"


8) i try to add another components but get same result...


"FSL_FEATURE_SOC_I2C_COUNT" and other peripheria defined in file "MK64F12_features.h" which called from "fsl_device_registers.h" which called from "Cpu.h" which include in main.c

I really don't understanding, why "feature defines" (active for my CPU in "MK64F12_features.h") not work.



Hope for HELP!!!


Regards, Oleg