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Where is the rest of the MPC5121e documentation?

Question asked by Torin Walker on Mar 18, 2008
Latest reply on May 21, 2008 by MIKE HANSSEN
Does anyone know where to find information on the MPC5121e beyond the fact sheet and Early Reference Manual? I want to design a product based on this chip, but it's a little difficult without the little things... like pinouts.
I'm after device pinouts, reference designs, schematics, layout guidelines, and other useful information. If anyone has an idea where this can be found, I'd appreciate it. I have a call into support, but its state has changed to IN_LIMBO. I doub't anything will come of it.
I hope this isn't one of those unfortunate situations again where unless a guy has $$$ to spend, he'll have to wait until the chip has been superceded by an even better one before getting his hands on detailed docs.
Incidentally, a question for those of you with the Developer's Reference Board Package for this chip: It contains schematics for the board, right? Is the schematic detail a condfidential document, covered by NDAs, and whatnot? Put another way, would Freescale have a problem with anyone emailing the schematics and other useful documentation to me at my very private and confidential email address, torinwalker -a-t-


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