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5329EVB LCD controller

Discussion created by Adam Larkin on Mar 17, 2008
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I've successfully interfaced an Optrex 6.5" LCD to this board and I've been able to get an image on the panel using the LCDC example source provided from freescale.  I am having a bit of trouble using the BGLUT register.

The PCR register is set for 8bpp. I am able to put the image up on the panel and manipulate the cursor.

I would just like to know if I missing a step, do I have to set a register to display the BGLUT?  This is my first time programming a LCD so any input would be appreciated.

my code
volatile uint32 *LUT_BG;MCF_LCDC_LVPWR = 0x00000280;for(i=0; i < (640); i++){    LUT_BG = (uint32*)0xFC0AC800 + i;    *LUT_BG = *(uint32*)(0x00000003);}