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MIPI-CSI2 DPHY status changes from 0x610 to 0x010/0x000 after turnning on camera?

Question asked by Dehuan Xin on Jun 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2016 by igorpadykov

I have a custom MIPI-CSI2 device implemented with FPGA and this passive TX PHY design( )

This is a single lane device, transmitting 32bit user-defined datatype (type 0x30, virtual channel 0).

The MIPI-CSI clock is 160MHz and 320Mbps.


I set DPHY clock to //  150-160MHz  :0x04   //159Mhz.


In my kernel driver, after mipi_csi2_reset(); the DPHY status is 0x610, but after turning on the FPGA, the DPHY status starts switching between 0x000 and 0x010.


According to 40.6.6 of the IMX6DQRM, 0x610 means:

1) "Clock Lane in Stop state

2) "Clock Lane module has NOT entered the Ultra Low Power state" (Not very sure about this one)

3) "Data Lane 0 in Stop state"


I've done some research, and I believe if the DPHY is operating normally, the status should be 0x310/0x300, is this correct?


I see on the scope that the CSI_CLK_HS_P and CSI_CLK_HS_N are both abour 100mV p-p, is this too low?


What have I missed that can cause DPHY not detecting MIPI-CSI DDR clock?