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KL03 What is the minimum VDD for the VRef-regulator?

Question asked by Gernot Miksch on Jun 13, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2016 by Fang Li



the Datasheets states an operating voltage-range for VDD and VDDA of 1.71...3.6V.

The voltage-reference-module is equipped with a 1.75V regulator. It is also stated, that the regulator should be used  to get the full performance.

I would like to opperate the device at low VCC, about 1.8V. Since the use of the chopper adds a 35ms delay (see topic "KL03 Voltage Reference Start-up Time") to get the refernce running, I would like to use the regulator w/o the chopper. I assume, that this implies the need for a little higher VDDA as there must be some headroom for the regulator.

Q: What is the minimum VDDA for the use of the regulator for VREF w/o enabling the chopper?


Thanks in advance