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T1040: SFPs over SGMII -serdes inteface

Question asked by Manjula Rajesh on Jun 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2016 by Manjula Rajesh

On T1040 base board we are using serdes protocol -0x69 ;we have sgmii interfaces on:

X1 on Lane1-FMmac3

X1 on Lane6-FMmac4

the above sgmii links are connected  directly to SFPs without any PHYs as in RDB.

Do we have to program SerDes_SGMIICCR1, SerDes_SGMIIDCR1 registers to set the dummy phy device addresses?


I added the following lines in u-boot in int misc_init_r(void) function to initialise phy addresses as 0xc and 0xd to lane1-sgmii and lane6-sgmii respectively:

out_be32((unsigned *)(CONFIG_SYS_FSL_CORENET_SERDES_ADDR+0x624),


out_be32((unsigned *)(CONFIG_SYS_FSL_CORENET_SERDES_ADDR+0x634),


u-boot prompt is not coming, after adding above lines.It hangs after executing above lines

please let me know what is the issue.



Thanks in advance,