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How can i use printf(using uart) on mpc5744

Question asked by UWin F on Jun 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2016 by UWin F

The platform is S32(S32 Design Studio for Power Architecture, Version 1.0 build 151127), now i can use uart send data to the serial port terminal. if i want to use "printf" with uart, how should i configure the project? 

Thank you very much!


  UART_SendData(&LINFlexD_X ,0xaa);  /* this is ok now*/

  printf ("Characters: %c %c \n", 'a', 65);    /*build err here  Description Resource Path Location Type

S32DS/e200_ewl/EWL_C/src/stdio/printf.c undefined reference to `__pformatter' Example_Base  line 44 C/C++ Problem