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How to access the TJA1100 PHY

Question asked by Jerome Herzog on Jun 13, 2016


how could I access the  TJA1100 PHY without µC?

Is it possible ? I ve read about the SMI and the pins MDIO and MDC to access the registers. But what software do I have to use and is it possible to run the tests which are named in the sheet?

First I strap the pins, then I power up the PHY and after all it will be switch to normal mode. But how can I access the registers per SMI to set the bits for, let's say 100Base-T FD then?


Is there any tutorial, sheet and/or software available? I am kinda new to this type of application. I am used an ATmega 8 before and AtmelStudio to access registers. So maybe this can help me a bit.


Best regards and thanks in advance.