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LWIP Example execution problem on MK60N512 bare Board

Question asked by Trilok JT on Jun 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2016 by Trilok JT

Hi, every one I' trying to execute/demonstrate  example code on on MK60N512 costume board, but I'm unable to do. I always stuck in CLOCK_SYS_BootToPee() function (Which is called from Board initialization function) I don't know whats the reason I'm new to ARM Please Can one help what's the exact problem is? Is it works fine? If I comment Board init and call SystemCoreUpdate() in main?? I tried demonstration of UDP echo Example by calling   SystemCoreUpdate() directly in main() it works fine until network initialization(ip,MAC..ARP req..etc) but I'm unable to Ping from PC to board I'm getting No PCB is active and Ether Frame out on serial Port Window.  I'm very much thank you If any one help out..


IDE : Keil 5

Example from : G:\Freescale\examples\twrk60d100m\demo_apps\lwip


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