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LS1021A SDK 2.0 : uboot from NOR

Question asked by AMOL SHROTRI on Jun 10, 2016
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I am using LS1021A rev1 board. Currently I am using SDK1.8 Kernel and Uboot. And it is working fine. Now I am trying to update to SDK 2.0. I could built the kernel and boot the board with new kernel without any issue. But when I tried new uboot from SDK 2.0, it is not booting. Then I tried with the u-boot.bin image from QorIQ_Linux_SDK_v2_0_CORTEXA7_IMAGE.iso still it is not booting. I am flashing the u-boot for bank0 at 0x67F80000. Then to confirm I loaded the older u-boot back again at the same 0x67F80000 address. It works fine. I even tried to flash new rcw from the same above iso, but still the same issue with new u-boot.


Can you please give some input if I am missing anything?


Thanks & Regards,

Amol M Shrotri