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Can't Boot i.mx6ULEVK using yocto fsl-community-bsp-platform krogoth

Question asked by Andrew Shepard on Jun 10, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2016 by Andrew Shepard

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Trying to boot i.mx6ULEVK board using codebase downloaded from FSL Community BSP site using the following repo codebase:

repo init -u -b krogoth

Using bitbake create images using core-image-minimal recipe and install entire image (u-boot+kernel+file system) on an sd card and boot from that card but boot starts and never completes.

I added printf statements in various spl related files and monitored the boot.  First area I saw an issue was when the function mmc_initialize() is called.  That function checks a local static variable called initialized to determine whether it has already been initialized.  However that variable appears to be 0xffffffff when it should be zero and the code doesn't do initialization because of this.  I printed the address of that variable and it is 88200064.  I'm not sure whether that memory space is valid-it doesn't seem to be in the correct address space.  I looked at addresses of the code and local data and they are in the address space of the imx6 internal RAM.


I guess my first questions before I dig any deeper are

#1:  Has anybody build this particular codebase and executed on an i.mx6ulevk?

#2:  Is the address 88200064 a valid address and if not where in the configuration is the build picking up this address?


Thanks in advance.