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IMX SSI TDM 32-channel SabreLite

Question asked by Ertan Eşgün on Jun 11, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2016 by Jerry Yan

Hello there,


I am using Boundary Devices's SabreLite Board ( with Yocto Project.


I am trying to use 32-channel TDM over SSI (Slave mode, 8Khz, 32-channel, 8bit per channel).

SabreLite board has SGTL5000. I removed it and i am gonna use the SSI pins connected to SGTL5000.


And here is my questions:

1) First of all, can i do that?

2) Does ALSA support TDM((Slave mode, 8Khz, 32-channel, 8bit per channel).)?

3) And if answers of question 1 and euestion 2 is yes, tell me how please


Thank you for your interest.

Good Luck.