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Ethernet interface for S12XDP512 processor

Discussion created by Sima Adrian on Mar 17, 2008
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I want to add an Ethernet interface to the S12XDP512 processor.

I know that NE64 already has an Ethernet interface, but I have this S12XDP512 processor, I need to add the Ethernet interface to that processor as a university project (if it is possible to do that).

I have a ZK-S12-A Starter Kit (from SofTec) for Freescale HCS12(X) Family as development board.

I also want to say that I'm new to this kind of processor.

While researching I found these chips: ENC28J60 (has SPI port), CS8900A from Crystal LAN, LAN91C111 from SMSC to be the most appropriate. If you can recommend me one of these or other chips or have any suggestion that might help me please leave me a message.

Anyhow, my questions is:

1 What chip is suitable to use with my processor?

2 On which port is the simplest to connect to?  

3 What implementation of the TCP/IP Stack I should chose (I suppose that TCP/IP Stack should be implemented on the Ethernet chip that I will use)?

Thank you all for any help you may provide,