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Troubles enabling TPM output compare - MC13213

Discussion created by Dan Sweet on Mar 17, 2008
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Hi all,

I've just started using an MC13213 mcu and am struggling setting up interrupts. I am trying to set up timer 0 channel 0 as an output compare to generate an interrupt to be used for a simple delay. I feel like I've set up all of the control registers properly, but once the program is running in the debugger (hiwave w/ P&E micro USB), the free running counter does not appear to be counting which in turn means an interrupt is never generated. Here is my initialization code:

    TPM1SC_CPWMS = 0; //set pwm for output compare
    TPM1SC_CLKSA = 0; //A:B -> 0:1 == System clock
    TPM1SC_CLKSB = 1;
    TPM1C0SC_MS0A  = 1;   //MS0A:MS0B -> 1:0 == outputcompare
    TPM1C0SC_MS0B  = 0;
    TPM1C0SC_ELS0A = 0;     //ELS0A:ELS0B -> 0:0 == software compare
    TPM1C0SC_ELS0B = 0;
    TPM1C0SC_CH0IE = 1;
    TPM1C0SC_CH0F = 0;
    TPM1C0V=TPM1CNT+E_PER_MS;   //set value register for compare

E_PER_MS is equal to the number of clock cycles per ms, so this interrupts once per ms.
Here is my interrupt code:

interrupt 5 void OC0Isr(){
    TPM1C0SC_CH0F;                //Read Flag
    TPM1C0SC_CH0F = 0;            //Clear Flag
    OCmSCnt++;                         /* Increment counter    */

My Delay function (delays a passed number of ms):

void OCDelay(INT16U ms){
    INT16U start_cnt;
    start_cnt = OCmSCnt;
    while((OCmSCnt - start_cnt) < ms){}  /* wait for ms to pass    */

My main function (just to blink an led every .5 seconds:

void main(void) {

 PTCDD = 0x10; // initialize PTC4 as output
 PTCD = 0;  // initialize PTC to 0

for(;:smileywink: {
    PTCD_PTCD4 = ~PTCD_PTCD4;  // invert the output
  } /* loop forever */

  /* please make sure that you never leave main */

Any ideas on what is going on here? I am using the default start08.c startup code, except I disabled the COP timer. Thanks for any suggestions,




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