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problems with the intall package

Discussion created by daga daga on Mar 17, 2008
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hello people please help me
i'm new in this...
I'v downloaded the codewarrior 6.1 three times and the three times when i tried to install appears the next message

"the contens of this file cannot be unpackaged. the executabel you are attempting to run has been corrupted. please obtain another copy of the file, verify its integrity and try again."

but as i all ready told u,  I'v downloaded 3 times the package and always is the same, but with others programs that I download from internet its all oK,I mean the problem is just with freescale downloads,

so please tellme what happen??, what can i do???
remember I really need it for the university  pleaseeeeee.
Im from colombia so my english is not good enough