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KSDK 2.0 Documentation Issues

Question asked by Brad Sundstrom on Jun 10, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2016 by Jason Martin

It appears that there are a number of discrepancies between the KSDK API Reference Manual documentation and the actual KSDK code.


For example, in the UART Driver section (page 1165 of Kinetis SDK v.2.0 API Reference Manual), it appears that the documentation correctly lists the actual API function for creating a UART handle:


void UART_TransferCreateHandle (UART_Type _base, uart_handle_t _handle, uart_transfer_callback_t callback, void _userData) Initializes the UART handle.


The above information is consistent with the actual KSDK 2.0 driver code. However, the UART Driver overview section (page 53.2.1, pg.1158) in the same API reference manual clearly contradicts this by referencing the function UART_CreateHandle(), which seems not to actually exist in KSDK 2.0 driver code:


The ring buffer size is specified when creating the handle. Note that one byte is reserved for the ring buffer maintenance. When creating handle using the following code:

UART_CreateHandle(&handle, UART0, &ringBuffer, 32);


This non-existent function, UART_CreateHandle(), is also referenced a number of times in the example code snippets listed in the documentation. For example: UART Receive using the ringbuffer feature



UART_Init(UART1, &user_config, 120000000U);

UART_CreateHandle(&g_uartHandle, UART1, &ringBuffer, RING_BUFFER_SIZE);

UART_SetTransferCallback(&g_uartHandle, UART_UserCallback, NULL);



Can we expect incremental updates to the documentation to correct these kinds of issues?