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Spin-lock on cpu0 results when attempting to boot securely

Question asked by Branden Sherrell on Jun 10, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2016 by Branden Sherrell

Edit: The format of this post has changed quite a bit from its original proposal.


I have flashed a RCW with SB_EN=1 and BOOT_HO=1. Cpu0 will be held in reset on PORESET. At this point I write to the SFP_SRKH and SFP_OTPMKR registers the appropriate key hash and key value, respectively. Upon releasing cpu0 the behavior I observe is that the core begins executing running but stops on a spin-loop at instruction 0x1D0.




As suggested below by bpe the contents of HPSR are:

SecMon_HP Status Register (HPSR): 0x8000AB00


The above indicates that no errors exist in the OTPMK or SRKH registers. Checking additional Sec_Mon registers indicates that no security violations have occurred. Additionally, all four scratch registers read as zero.


I am not able to find any errors in any of the status registers but clearly things are not working properly.