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shall i use kw40z for my design requirement?

Discussion created by Dhanabal Rajendran on Jun 10, 2016
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Kindly read my design requirements below and tell, can i use KW40Z microcontroller for my project? if its not suitable kindly mention any other controller.


Design Requirements:

1. We need to monitoring nearly 250 network device(sensor node) in a single network using zigbee pro profile with broadcast addressing. (may i know availability of lightwight mesh stack in KW40Z)

2. Sometimes network device get data from bluetooth also and data size will be less than 50 byte.

3. Zigbee Pro communication is always communicate with network devices and data size will be less than 150 byte. (may i know what is maximum payload)

4. Network device will communicate with KW40Z through build-in USART.

5. Network device will send Payload data only and no other at commands.

5. Node to node communication distance will be 10 to 300 meters.(may i know what is maximum coverage range?)

6. what is suitable range extender for 500 to 1000 meters?

7. Which baud rate will suitable for this requirement? (currently using 2400bps)

8. Any repeater availability for KW40Z's zigbee pro communications?


These are all my requirements and I need your valuable answer. So, kindly give a solution for me.


Wait for your reply and Thanks in advance.