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Classifier_Demo on the T4240 using SDK1.9

Question asked by Ram Krishnan on Jun 9, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2016 by Ram Krishnan

I am running SDK 1.9 on the T4240. I was trying to bring up the classifier_demo but it fails saying /dev/dpa_classifier does not exist. I checked in /dev and neither dpa_stats or dpa_classifier exists. I followed the instructions from the Application Node 4785 (which did not have instructions for the rdb , only the qds but I did find the dts files in the non-staging area). Do I need to do anything different ? I am able to run the hello_reflector.


Secondly if I wanted to modify the dpaa demo code for my own application what would be a good place to start. The XML files seem to satisfy a certain static need but to keep it dynamic I would need to configure the fman mac and FQIDs based on user input.


Thank you,

Ram Krishnan