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IMX6Solo/Ultralite/Solox Audio Codec Suggestion

Question asked by swapna nannapaneni on Jun 9, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2016 by igorpadykov

Hello NXP Audio Experts,


We are using the iMX6 Solo for H.264 video on the VPU and
require about 25% of the 1GHz ARM for non-audio processing.  We would like
an on-board audio codec with the following
prioritized considerations:

  1. Stable and readily available minimizing
    integration time
  2. Non-optimized compression of office voice and
    non-CD quality stereo audio (any compression should reduce traffic sufficiently
    from 1Mbps per channel uncompressed)
  3. Fits on the
    ARM, the VPU, or the Neon coprocessor on the ARM
    (not sure if Neon’s purpose)
  4. Migratable to the IMX6 Ultralite or SoloX if the
    video requirement is removed
  5. Minimal-to-no license fee for <10,000 uses


We would like 2-3 codec recommendations and why against
these 5 criteria along with their processing location and %utilization we can
expect on that processor (VPU, ARM, Neon).


As we are using H.264, we were unsure if AAC and MP3 are
considerations; someone suggested OPUS.   

We appreciate your thoughts.