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NXP MPXV5050 Vacuum sensor support

Question asked by MAHESH VASTRAD on Jun 9, 2016
Latest reply on May 29, 2018 by Omar Pugliesi

We have been working for a AUTOMOTIVE FILTER SENSOR project, based on MPXV5050 (NXP absolute vacuum sensor. We've deveoped our customized board using NXP MCU S9S08 Series. We have matched all the functional points required for reading pressure/ vacuum via MCU ADC & convert it to digital value.


During our testing we set point as 3.276 V corresponding to 405mBar

Since boards were meeting all required o/p parameters in testing conditions without potting in housing/ enclosure,

Later after QC testing as OK, We Potted it with Hard-Epoxy component.


After potting, we found the Reference has shifted by 30mBar.

What could be the reason, Please help us with suggestions/ remedies / precautions to be taken care.

Meanwhile, can you kindly connect me with any NXP PRESSURE/ VACUUM Sensor experts to

Resolve the issue.