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CAN driver implementation and testing

Question asked by RAMANJINEYULU THOTA on Jun 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2019 by manish kumar

I am new to CAN driver implementation in Linux. The CAN driver already is there in Linux "drivers/net/can/Flexcan.c". When I compiled kernel source it generates the Flexcan.o file but in the below link inserting all CAN related modules. To test CAN these all modules we have to include or not? Please see the link:
I am having two i.mx6q sabrelite boards how to communicate these two boards using CAN protocol. To communicate Flexcan.c driver file we have to implement application program or not? If you have any CAN application program Please share us, it is very useful to understand and communicate with CAN driver. If application program is not there please give me good suggestion how application is communicate with the driver code. Please help me how to test CAN between two embedded Linux boards.

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