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How do you select specific u-boot version to build in SDK 1.8?

Question asked by Elsa of Arendelle on Jun 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2016 by Pavel Chubakov

Using T2080RDB and a fresh 1.8 SDK install.


When I rebuild u-boot, it is building 2014.07 by default.

Just used standard commands to do this build.


1. $bitbake u-boot -c cleansstate

2. $bitbake u-boot -c patch

3. Resultant source folder  is build_t2080rdb/release/tmp/work/t2080rdb-fsl-linux/u-boot-qoriq/2014.07+fslgit-r0

4. $bitbake u-boot.



How do I force this to 2015.01 when setting up the build?

That is what is factory flashed to the boards I have that are using SDK 1.8.  I see both 2015.01 and 2014.07 referenced in the documentation.