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Change code execution location

Question asked by Nathaniel Hinshaw on Jun 8, 2016
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I have been working on a project to design a custom bootloader for my k64f board.  I can successfully read in S19 files on a dedicated serial line, followed by storing that information to the determined places in memory, however because the code that loaded the new information is already on the board, I am unable to flash over top of it.  Is there a way to change the execution location of m_text to be applied on next reset?  this would allow me to load my code into empty memory, change that location and reset, followed by the board running the updated code stored previously.  This would, in theory then be flashed over the old code, and then again setting the execution location back to default with another reset.  Attached is my linker file, in case that helps



Nate Hinshaw

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