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iMX6 Low Drop Out (LDO) Voltage

Question asked by Mihai Neagu on Jun 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2016 by Artur Petukhov

We are using i.MX6 in our project.

Currently there is an internal discussion on the correct configuration of Low Drop Out (LDO) voltages.

We use QNX board start-up functions to configure LDO.


From the i.MX6 reference manual we understand that the configuration is done via configuring of Digital Regulator Core Register PMU_REG_CORE.

Current read value of the register is via command in32 0x020c8140 : 0x00502c12.

That is,  target voltage for VPU/GPU domain is 1.25V and for SOC is 1.2V.

voltage IN is 1.38V.


Can you please clarify whether this would be an acceptable setting.

If not, can you please let us know what are the risks with the current setting?


Also we see that a SW update is not always resulting in a corresponding register update( as seen  on read-out). That is, for some voltage steps, the SW is not able to set the register to the values as defined in SW.

Is this a known behavior on your side?

It would be helpful if you can share additional information in this regard.

Thank you!