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How To Disassemble From Initial Address On Power_Up or Reset

Question asked by Jesse McCall on Jun 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2016 by Yiping Wang

I'm using the CodeWarrior Development Studio with the CodeWarrior Tap on a T4240_QDS Rev_2 blue box. I'm trying to set a hardware Breakpoint at the first address the processor goes to in reset (my understanding is, it's 0xFFFF_FFFC) so I can step through the instructions and see which addresses the processor steps to and the instructions it runs on its way to the actual main() statement of my program.


Basically, I'm trying step through the assembly and instruction set to better understand exactly what the processor is doing from the second I power up the system until the C program hits its main statement.


I have a breakpoint set (it says [address: 0x00000000fffffffc] [type: Hardware]) so I'm assuming the breakpoint has been placed correctly.


The problem is, when I connect to the board and reset via the debug console, it does not pause at the initial instruction; it keeps on running. When I finally pause the core of interest (core 0), and look at the disassembly, the PC is already far down in the instruction stream. Is there a set of debugger configurations I need to create in order for the board to reset and halt on the very first instruction?


I have tried debugging as an "attach" configuration as well as a "custom" configuration.