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Yocto toolchain cross compile error

Question asked by Peter Chiu on Jun 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2016 by gusarambula

Hi all,


Excuse me, I have an problem, I consult Freescale Yocto Project User's Guide (L3.14.52_1.1.0), and build the "meta-toolchain-qt5".


I use the toolcahin to cross compile my qt application (HelloWorld).

It's success, the Helloworld application is work in my imx6q board.


But, when  I cross compile the other qt application, it's not ok.


I got the error log:




The toolchain is use L3.14.52 to build, qt version is 5.5.

The qt application is use qt 5.4.


If anyone know what's the problem?

Please tell me. Thanks.