68HC11 upgrade to S12 Assembler question

Discussion created by jelenacavar on Jun 8, 2016
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Hello everyone, first time posting. Just need some instructions from you to point me where to look since I cannot find online some good starting material for this 8-bit chips, guess I'm searching too late for this. So, I have an old system which needs a redesign. It is based on 8-bit Motorola MCU (68HC11). I got source code from it, it is bunch of .asm, .s19, and .inc files. I never worked in asm and I want this to translate in C for some newer chip (maybe S12?). But I don't know where to start. What could be used as dev environment for this? Is there a way for me to recognise what the starting point of software is (some main function)? How are these files linked together? Which method is for burning bunch of files like this to a single chip (something like .hex or .bin)? If you can just provide me some links for learning this project structure for a start or some guidelines? I'm happy to learn this myself but I don't know where to look. Kind regards.