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Renewed my licence for CodeWarrior V8.8 PA. Newly generated licence file only seems to support Linux based machines, even though the supported OS is listed as Windows.

Question asked by Gavin MacLean on Jun 8, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2017 by TomasPaez

We recently renewed the licence for our CodeWarrior Power Architecture Development Studio (version 8.8). When it came to generating the new licence file I went through the website and found what I thought to be the correct licence under the product list as “CodeWarrior DS for Power Architecture, Flash Programmer Edition (Windows Hosted) WIN”.


When I selected this product and went to the “licence keys” page in order to generate my licence I was given the option to again select which software I was licencing. I selected the “version 8.8 windows hosted flash programmer edition” and generated my licence file with the appropriate PC serial number. However I thought it odd that this licence is applicable to “version 9.2 Linux hosted for MobileGT Processors” as well. I noticed that in the code none of the lines appeared applicable to a windows hosted machine or appropriate for the PowerArchitecture programme. 


When I place the licence.dat file into the appropriate directory on my PC and try to start up the CodeWarriorIDE software it gives me the error message shown in my attached screenshot.CodeWarriorIDE Error message.PNG


I have taken a copy of the previous years licence.dat file for comparison, this licence file clearly mentions Windows hosted computers many times.