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How can you get the burn address of u-boot.bin on P2020RDB

Question asked by xu chen on Jun 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2016 by bpe

   Recently, I am working with P2020, I have a P2020RDB, through with the Code Warrior 10.5.1 TAP + USB,I can burn my board,uboot, linux kernel,initrd,dtb and so on. when i flash the nor flash on board,i can use the flash programer tools in IDE,and the IDE provide the "Flash Configuration File" - P10xx-P20xxRDB_P2020_NOR_FLASH.xml ,below is the content:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<TargetTaskFramework GroupFullPath="Root">
<Element Type="TargetTask">
<TargetTask ContextIndex="9" ExecutionContextName="Active Debug Context" ProviderIndex="9" TaskName="P10xx-P20xxRDB_P2020_NOR_FLASH" TaskProvider="Flash Programmer for Power Architecture">
<TaskConfiguration Actions_Count="0" Buffer_Address="0" Buffer_Size="262144" Flash_Base_Address_0="4278190080" Flash_Device_Name_0="S29GL128P" Flash_Device_Organization_0="8Mx16x1" Flash_Devices_Count="1" Flash_Top_Address_0="4294967295" Verify_Memory_Writes="false"/>


Refer to the P1020_P2020RDB_BSP_User_Manual.pdf, I found the burn address of uboot:0xFFF80000.


1、Flash_Base_Address_0="4278190080" in P10xx-P20xxRDB_P2020_NOR_FLASH.xml ,how to calculate the Flash_Base_Address_0, in an other word, what do you base on to get the base address?

2、In the P1020_P2020RDB_BSP_User_Manual.pdf,uboot burn address FFF80000,how to calculate the uboot burn address, in an other word, what do you base on to get the uboot burn address?

3、I have token a long time on these qeustions, beg an answer in detail!!!!!!!