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Imx27-ADS  Problem setting up TFTP

Question asked by Aleem shariff on Mar 12, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2008 by Guest
Dear All,

I am using IMX27 ADS eval board. I have problem downloading file from network.

I have set the redboot netork parameters as follows.
RedBoot> fconfig -l
Run script at boot: false
Use BOOTP for network configuration: false
Gateway IP address:
Local IP address:
Local IP address mask:
Default server IP address:
Board specifics: 0
Console baud rate: 115200
Set eth0 network hardware address [MAC]: false
Set FEC network hardware address [MAC]: false
GDB connection port: 9000
Force console for special debug messages: false
Network debug at boot time: false
Default network device: cs8900a_eth0
I am using cross cable and i am not able to ping to the board.< board IP address being ( ) >
and Server IP address being < >.

Any idea where i am doing wrong. Please guide in this regards.

Thanks in advance.