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Question asked by Manish Sangram on Jun 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2016 by Radek Sestak



We are using S12ZVMC128 in our project.


We are trying to minimize heat as there is very poor or zero air flow around the MCU and considerable ambient heat. We are not interested in saving power except to the extent it reduces heat.


We are trying to determine the best option to select between Stop / Psedo Stop and Wait from perspective of heat reduction only.


Is it is okay to STOP and wakeup every 1ms for long periods of time. We are not using any external XTAL. The manual says frequent STOP can stress the resonator, is this statement for internal or external components? We are not using any external XTAL.


For us the wakeup time from STOP of 25uS is acceptable.


We would be happy for example if we could save 70-80% on heat just by entering WAIT state and having all peripherals on.


So what we want to determine is where will the most savings in heat come from. Should we put it in WAIT mode? or should we P STOP? Are there any details on exact power consumption or something that gives some sort of indicative idea of the savings or rule of thumb ?