James Stott

Bootloader.exe (v5.32) - Error starting API! message from cmd line

Discussion created by James Stott on Mar 11, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2008 by Richard Nardone
I'm trying to flash one of our MC1312x devices - and to ease some of our support dept issues to update a few of our devices using the command line version of TestTool - Bootloader.exe.  While the GUI TestTool works fine in flashing the new .s19 files - using Bootloader.exe with the same devices & s19 returns the message "Error starting API!"
The simple test with bootloader.exe has been:
c:\program files\freescale\test tool\s19> bootloader.exe testConfigWBLv1.4.s19 /C COM3
The rest of the defaults (baud @ 19200, evk_embedded_bootloader.bdm s.b. fine)
Something simple I'm overlooking?  Another (better) way to offer a cmd line flash of the s19?