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CodeWarrior and USB/Serial adapter

Question asked by Alessandro Chiruzzi on Jun 7, 2016
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I'm experiencing some troubles with interfacing my LFEBS12UB (LFEBS12UB - NXP - Kit Apprendimento Studenti, MC9S12DG128, S12, Debug + Circuiteria Target su Singola Scheda | Farnell e… ) with CodeWarrior.


The firste problem, is that i can't find my device in the first menu, while creating a new project. I find only MC9S12DG128B, and i'm not sure that it work properly, but it looks the most similar to MC9S12DG128B.


Then, when i have to select the type of interface, in debugging window, i'm not sure about the one to choose.


My PC, doesn't provide a serial port, so i decided to buy a Prolific USB-to-Serial Converter. I'm not sure about settings, but i tried some solutions i found on this community, like changing the COM, and setting proper speed and protocol of communication, but it doesn't work.


What can i do?