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CW TAP + CW for Power Architecture V8.8 configuration issue

Question asked by Mikhail Paulenkou on Jun 7, 2016
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I just received CW TAP HW and installed CW for Power Architecture V8.8 (30 days evaluation). We would like to configure tool to have ability program flash only on the target MPC8270 + 28F128P30T flash chips. Target system is in production long time already and no concerns about communication over JTAG/COP. It works with Wind River and works with Macraigor. We would like to validate  CW TAP/COP + CW Power PC IDE 8.8 Flash Programmer specifically.


I followed instruction from CW TAP Manual and AN4780 to setup communication target configuration & etc. But it does not work.


Here are some details.

-   I'm able to ping device from host. TAP getting IP from DHCP;

-   I'm able to access TAP configuration shell over USB/Serial terminal - netparam details & etc.

-   Added actual host name like FSLXXYYZZ + assigned IP address to the table, but anyway not able to ping by TAP name on network, can ping IP address only.

- Put IP address in configuration window instead of Host Name.  It looks like IDE is trying to communicate to target but failed with message "Connection failure" It's hard to say it's failure about connection between TAP and target or between host and TAP.


I tried diagnostic tool instead of flash programmer, the same issue.


Here are some screen shots.