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Using OOP/C++ in HCS08 devices

Discussion created by gvictorio gvictorio on Mar 9, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2008 by Richard Nardone

I have not found detailed information in the freescale website or internet so I'm asking here hoping someone does have the answer.

How far can I go with C++ in HC08 devices? (I'm using specifically the MC9S08DZ60, 60kB Flash, 4kB RAM) I mean, can I really do all the fancy things of OOP confident enough for sharing code used in higher-level platforms (ARM9s, Cortex, etc) with smaller devices like HC08s?

I found some very old posts in the internet that mentioned that there were limitations using C++, that it wasn't fully supported. If that's still the case, where can I see documentation that helps me understand the requirements/limitations/implications/etc?

Thanks a lot!