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License expired: compilation ok but no Flash image

Question asked by arnogir on Jun 7, 2016
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I have a professional license for CW10.3

On the computer I get on my work, It is also installated CW 10.6 with a 15 day license (expired since begin of 2015)

(Computer installated before I start work here)


Then I have a project (Kinetsis USB bootloader generic) which I compile on CW10.6.

I follow the bellow instruction to generate s19 file (option "Create Flash Image")


But neither flash image is generated (.hex / .s19) and "Print size" work correctly.

The .elf is well generated.


It is due to my license expiration or the problem should come from other way?

If it is a problem license, is License CW10.3 (server license) can be exported to work both CW10.3 and CW10.6?


Thank you