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Information about Cyclone Universal (FX) before buy

Question asked by arnogir on Jun 6, 2016
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I'm interresting to buy a Cylcone Universal (-FX) to use it with some HCS08 and Kinetis product.


Information are here:


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1)  Is the FX version is expected soon?

2) Is Cyclone Universal need mandatory  the PC software "Cyclone Automated Control Package" (Basic, Professional, Entreprise Edition)?


My need will just need to flash in it some different target program (Kinetis Appli1, Kinetis Appli2, HCS08 Appli1....)

Then operator will just select the good application, link the CPU target and then Press "Start" Button.


For do it, I'm really need this software? Or this software is to have a computer interface to flash on CPU target instead of Cyclone Universal Screen?


3) Can we make debug with Codewarrior or KDS like I did with the Multilink Universal?


Thank  for your reply, I need to have a manufacturer tool for the next week!