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How to build only RCW+PBL image in Yocto

Question asked by Amarnath MB on Jun 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2016 by Amarnath MB

Hi Everyone,


Is there any way to build an image having only RCW+PBI in Yocto?

I have a custom board with T2080RDB reference design, and my Boot location is NAND flash.

As per the 9.1.3 of Freescale Linux SDK v1.8 boot is a two stage process, first stage RCW and PBI will be loaded in CPC and initializes DDR, then load second stage UBoot in to DDR.

After going through the git directory codes i found that .u-boot-with-spl.bin.cmd file inside T2080RDB_NAND folder has the command to merge u-boot-with-spl.bin (RCW+PBI) and u-boot.bin into single uboot image. I tried to remove the merging part from the command file, but failed to find success because the .u-boot-with-spl.bin.cmd file is auto-generated.

What i'm trying to do is to boot vxWorks bootrom instead of second stage UBoot, since vxWorks 6.9 doesn't support NAND boot. So i will use Uboot RCW and PBI to load vxWorks bootrom into DDR. I don't know how much of this is feasible, but i need to give a try. I'm new to U-Boot and Linux, can anyone help me to build an image having only RCW+PBI in Yocto?


Thanks in advance for all your help.