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SDHC layout recommendations

Question asked by Fernando Alcaide on Jun 6, 2016
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I am designing  Board  with Vybrid VF6 and I have doubt about SDHC layout recommentaions appears in paragraph SD Card interface requirements of ref. doc. VYBRIDHDUG_HW_UserGuide.


In this paragrap appears:

1. The clock trace should be longer than the longest trace in the Data /Command group (+5mils).

Is 5mils minimun distance or  maximum  ?


2. SD card interface layout requirements are very similar to those for the DDR one (see Section 3.5,

“DDR routing rules”).

But in this section appears DDR3 recommnedations?


I need to kown routing recomentadion to SDHC.


Can somebody help me?


Thank you in advance.