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NXP Thread Stack

Question asked by Ben Hefner on Jun 5, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2017 by Juan Carlos Pacheco



I'm trying to get some information on the NXP Thread stack, but haven't yet been able to get in touch with anybody at NXP who is able to help, and stack request link is down on the thread page


I'm working on a wireless development platform, and Thread looks like it might be a really good fit for our product. We're looking at using a KWx0Z device as a secondary to a main K64 processor.


So the questions I have about Thread:

What state is the NXP stack in? Is it released?

Is the distribution binary, or source?

How can I get it?

What is meant by 'Pre-Certified'? Specifically, what amount of Thread Group certification would we still have to do if we used an NXP part and stack? (I understand that this is distinct from RF compliance)


I was also wondering if there was a cleaner hardware reference design for the KW40 series parts than the development board.