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Files overwritten with MFS

Question asked by Jon Alvik on Jun 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2016 by Daniel Chen

I have MFS mounted on a 32MB RAM device.

When creating and writing files I get a strange error, always the same error for same test set.


Test case:

- Create a directory

- write 63 files of 1KB named "a:\ev0\pc0" to "a:\ev0\pc62"

- read back and verify



- No error messages when creating and writing files

- before writing file "pc62" all files are present and ok.

- After writing file "pc62", file "pc46" is missing, size of "pc62" is 0 (fwrite reported 1KB)

- when listing files "pc62" is listed in the place "pc46" used to be"


The test is repeatable, also when varying file/directory names".

When extending the test to write larger number of files, the problem gets worse.


Is there some limitation to the number of files or naming of files?

My only idea so far is that this is some error inside MFS causing corruption.





Using MQX 4.1.2