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Not getting correct timing with PLL on MCF51MM.

Question asked by Robyn Yost on Jun 3, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2016 by Fang Li

Nevermind - it was my timer that was off....


I have a 16MHz crystal attached to XTAL2 pin.  I want a bus speed of 8MHz.


I set the PLL with:


// Initialize the clock


// Configure the XOSC1 clock

CCSCTRL = 0x08; // XOSC1 at low frequency, low power, inactive, use oscillator, select XOCS2 as input 

MCGC2 = 0x36  // Divide by 1, high frequency, high gain, FLL not disable in bypass,

                           // use oscillator, clock active, clock disabled in stop.   




// Wait until external reference is stable


while  (MCGSC_OSCINIT == 0) ;



// Set the PEE


MCGC3 |= 0x10; // set DIV32 (bit 4) in MCGC3


MCGC1 = 0x98;  // external clock, divide by 256




// Wait until the external reference is selected


while (MCGSC_IREFST != 0) ;


// Wait until external clock is selected as a bus clock reference

while ((MCGSC_CLKST) != 2) ;




MCGC3 = 0x52;  // Set PLL (PLL ref divider of 16), leave DIB32 (not used in PLL), VDIV = 2, (multiply by 8)


while (MCGSC_PLLST == 0);


while (MCGSC_LOCK == 0);


MCGC1 = 0x18;


while (MCGSC_CLKST != 3);


I have a timer and toggle an output in that timer.  Using the oscilloscope, I see the timer values are all off.  Am I setting up the PLL wrong?